The Five Best Memory Cards For GoPro Cameras!

Since their launch in 2002 GoPro action cameras have grown exponentially in popularity quickly becoming one of the leading action cameras on the market. One of the worse things that can happen to any action camera user is to be in the middle of recording only for their memory card to fill up and recording to stop.

In this article, we will be taking a look at five of the best memory cards for GoPro cameras on the market today. We will also be going over the basic features of each of the memory cards such as their memory size.

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The Absolute Best Memory Cards For GoPro Cameras On The Market Today!

The SanDisk Extreme Plus is one of the best memory cards for GoPro on the market today. It is relatively cheap, reliable and manufactured by SanDisk who are an established company in the memory card business with a solid reputation. The Extreme Plus is available in the following memory sizes 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. While the 16GB and 32GB cards are ideal for digital photography with still images we feel they are too small for video recording making the 64GB size the ideal card. If you are wanting to record HD video with your GoPro then we feel the 128GB card is the way to go.

The best memory cards for gopro in action on a rock climbing hike.

Special Features

The SanDisk Extreme Plus is compatible with a wide range of products meaning you can hot swap the memory card between your digital camera, your GoPro, your Drone or your mobile phone seamlessly.

It allows the user to both shoot and transfer data quicker than any previous offering from SanDisk with speeds of upto 95MBs per second depending on the equipment your are using with the card. This not only helps you transfer your potentially huge action cam videos quickly bit it also helps captcha your adventures in 4K ultra HD leading us to rate this as the best go pro hero memory card

The card comes with the free data recovery software RescuePRO making it easy to recover files from the card that may have been accidently deleted. Although not its main purpose the software has also been reported to be able to recover mildly corrupted data, ideal if you are using your extreme sport of choice includes water helping to make this the best GoPro memory card for extreme sport enthusiasts.

SanDisk have put the SanDisk Extreme Plus card series through a wide range of testing making it an ideal memory card for GoPro or other action cam users. Their five-point test sequence includes testing the card against being shockproof, freezeproof, waterproof, temperature proof as well as X-ray proof. As many users may have to transit via airports with their equipment potentially being X-rayed for security reasons it is good to know you can rest assured your data is safe.


  • The 64GB card can hold upto 160 minutes of 4K Ultra HD video with the 128GB card being able to hold over 300 minutes!
  • Weather, shock and x-ray proof.
  • Free data recovery software included.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

  • The 16GB and 32GB versions of the memory cards can only hold 40 and 80 minutes of 4K Ultra HD video respectively.

The Second Best Memory Card For GoPro Users

Next up, we have the Samsung Pro Plus memory card and we rate it as the second best memory card for GoPro action cameras. Similar to the SanDisk we recommend users disregard the 16GB and 32GB offerings of the card and focus on the 64GB version as a minimum. If recording in 4K Ultra HD is a priority for you then it maybe better to upgrade to the 128GB version of the card as the higher your GoPro memory card size the more video you are able to hold.The best gopro memory card in action on a bike ride.

Special Features

Again, similar to the SanDisk, the Samsung Pro Plus is able to read and save data at 95MB per second meaning it will have no trouble at all saving your 4K videos. It also has the ability to write at 90MB per second allowing you to quickly transfer your data off the card to your laptop for editing.

The Pro Plus has also been tested to ensure the card is waterproof, temperature proof and X-ray proof. In addition, Samsung have enhanced their basic protection against magnetic fields with the card also offering enhanced magnetic proof technology.


  • The card is designed to flawlessly record 4K Ultra HD video seamlessly.
  • The card is extremely resistant to the elements, X-rays and magnetic fields.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

  • There are a large amount of fake Pro Plugs in circulation so be sure to get yours from a trusted supplier such as Amazon.

Our Third Recommended Memory Card For GoPro Hero Cameras

Our next recommended memory card for GoPro hero is the Lexar 633X HP. This is one of the most popular memory cards for GoPro action cameras on the market right now. This is not only due to it being a trusty and reliable card or the fact it is cheap but the fact it offers a 200GB version.

As with the SanDisk and Samsung we feel you should disregard any offerings less than 64GB as already explained. One of the main advantages this card has over the competition is its 200GB version that allows users to store upto 15 hours of HD video or over 400 minutes of 4K Ultra HD video.The best cheap memory card for gopro in action while snowboarding.

Unfortunately, to meet this there had to be sacrifices made somewhere. While the card is able to play 4K video flawlessly with its native 95MB per second read speed it has a much slower write speed of only 20MB per second. While it is still able to record 4K video there maybe some minor issues with the footage and that is why we have placed it third in our offerings.

Lexar have also been tight-lipped on exactly what type of testing they put the card through to ensure its resistance against the elements. All they would confirm is that the card has been “rigorously tested”. That being said we had a look for fault reports on the card stemming from issues such as shock and water damage and we were only able to find a handful of people reporting water issues out of over 2000 sources.


  • Sizes go upto 200GB.
  • Quick and easy data transferring with the included USB adaptor.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

  • Slow write speed.

An All Round Good Memory Card For GoPro Users

Sticking with Lexar, we now move onto their Professional Range of memory cards. Although not intended for action cams, this is an extremely good memory card for go pro users.

Special Features

Designed for professional videographers the Lexar professional range is geared towards high-quality data rates rather than a blend of medium quality data rates and being resistant to the elements. That being said the card offers a transfer speed of upto 150MB per second making it the quickest card featured so far.

Again, the Lexar USB data transfer stick is included with your purchase meaning you are able to quickly drag and drop your files to your laptop for editing once you have finished with your shoot. Similar to the previous Lexar card the professional range offers sizes going upto 256GB meaning it is able to store hours of 4K Ultra HD video data is required. The card has also been designed to be backward compatible with UHS-I technologies if required.

The professional range also comes with data recovery software for the card so users are able to recover any photographs or video that maybe accidently deleted. Unlike the SanDisk however, we have not been able to find any reports of the software being able to recover corrupted data meaning if your card gets wet you may lose your data!

Again, Lexar have not released any information on how the card is tested to ensure it is resistant and again, just say it has been “rigorously tested”. Unlike the Lexar 633X HP memory card above, we have been able to find a fair few reports of users who have had problems with the card when it comes to water exposure.


  • Extremely fast data transfer rates.
  • Sizes upto 256GB.
  • Data recovery software available.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

  • Potential issues with water.

The Best Cheap Memory Card For GoPro Action Cameras

Where as we consider the SanDisk Extreme Plus previously covered to be the best action camera memory card available we will now take a look at its cheaper little brother, the SanDisk Extreme.

Special Features

As you may have guessed, with us classing the Extreme Plus as the best memory card for GoPro cameras we class the SanDisk Extreme as the best cheap memory card for GoPro users. As to be expected, with a lower price comes lower specifications.

The card is able to captcha video upto speeds of 40MB per second depending on the hardware you are using the card with. Although still quick enough to record 4K Ultra you may have some minimal issues.

Again, like the cards big brother it comes with the RescuePro software as standard to help recover your data on the off chance you accidently delete it or if your card suffers from damage. Again, the SanDisk Extreme has been put through vigorous testing to ensure it is shockproof, waterproof, temperature proof, freezeproof and X-ray proof.


  • Extremely resistant to the elements.
  • Very cheap for a high quality card.
  • Data recovery software included.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

  • Slower data speeds.

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