The Five Best Lenses for GH4 Cameras We Could Find!

Lenses are of course one of the key components in all kinds of cameras. All cameras come with various features and have varied capabilities of capturing pictures. But the main thing that affects the quality of the pictures is the lens that you are using in your camera. Typically, a camera comes with a lens having a certain focal length and aperture width. The detailing of the picture and the quality as well depends on the quality and features of the lens in a camera. Considering the various option that you may find for your GH4 camera, here we have listed 5 of the best lenses that you can use in your GH4 camera to enjoy the height of excellence and get the quality pictures you need.

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The Absolute best lens for gh4 – Opteka 6.5mm f/3.5 HD Aspherical Fisheye Lens

It can be considered as the best lens for GH4 that you can find on the market. Nothing to worry about its functions and settings with your camera because it is a manual operating lens and you will need to setup the aperture and the other adjustments of the lens manually so, nothing complicated or hidden.

Quick specs:

  • Well-designed fish-eye lens
  • Perfect for GH4 and other MFT cameras
  • The focal length of the lens is 6.5 mm
  • High definition
  • The hood is removable allowing 180 views
  • Aperture range is 3.5 to 22
  • Focusing distance should be 1 ft to .3m

We’d suggest this lens as one of the best things you could get for your Panasonic MFT GH4 camera because of the fact you will be able to capture the memorable moments and incredible shots using the angle that you’ll love to see. To enhance the creativity and uniqueness of the picture the lens is perfect to be used with APS-C sensors for an expanded view. Not to mention its capability to provide the whole 180 degree views, you can get all the creative angles with the help of this manually operated lens.

The lens also works at its best for close-ups and detailed shots. To ensure the highest quality results the lens comes with a layered coating to enhance clarity and reduce the blurry effect.

Basically, the lens is based on the design that fits Nikon and Canon, for an easy mount on MFT the adapter is included for the user to get started with it without any issues.

The Five Best Lenses for GH4 Cameras We Could Find!


  • Due to the highest quality layered lens structure, the lens provides high definition results for any kind of shot you take from it.
  • The 10 elements construction in 7 groups’ formation makes the lens work best for a clear and crisp imagery.
  • It comes with an MFT adapter to help user fit the lens to MFT cameras so that none has to worry about keeping separate lenses in case of having multiple cameras.
  • It is manually operated so you can set up the aperture and other properties manually for an easy customization of the required picture.


Though the lens offers all the basic and advanced features you may ever need in your MFT lens, but still may notice a few flaws as well:

  • The lens may get detached easily and you have to make sure you have mounted it correctly or else it may get loosened easily.
  • You need an adapter for MFT cameras and the settings are manual, so you would not be able to adjust the setting with a click.

The Second best gh4 lens – Rokinon Ultra Wide Angle Fixed Lens for Olympus and Panasonic Micro 4/3

In our list of the best GH4 lens, we have a second best lens that might be a good substitute if you need a lens with slightly different characteristics than our first pick from Opteka. This one has a manual focus for easy and controlled usage of the features. In addition to its quality features, it is an ultra-wide angled lens for a detailed coverage of any picture that you are going to capture with your MFT.

Quick specs:

  • Fixed focal length of 12mm
  • Minimum focal length 12
  • Aperture  f/22
  • Aperture range is about F 2.0
  • Wide angle lens
  • Perfect for MFT
  • 1-year warranty

There are many kinds of lenses that come with ultra-wide angle capacity, but this one has the most convenient options for the user to get the most out of the controlled manual focusing and helps in capturing the picture from as less distance as 8 inches. This property will give you the best chance to pick the images that you might have missed taking before. Though it is not a zooming lens, but still would work at best in giving the best pictures when used in your MFTs.


  • High-quality pictures and imaging experience with a wide angle to give you close and distant shots without blurring or fading issues.
  • Easy to mount on your MFTs and you can use it manually to get the settings as per your needs.
  • For detailed angling and color consistency, the lens comes with added low dispersion elements so that you get minimum dispersion and crystal clear pictures.
  • Additionally, the fine crystal coat on the lens offers crisp imagery.
  • Front filters are applicable and can be used with this lens.


Some flaws follow the extreme pros of this lens, we may not consider them flaws rather they are the limitations that you might expect and should know before you buy:

  • Due to the manual functions, you may not be able to use the lens for on the go pictures as you will need to adjust it manually and may need some time to do so.
  • It is not a zooming camera so you may have difficulties in getting closer shots perfectly.

The Best Wide Angle Lens For GH4 – Rokinon 35mm F1.4 AS UMC Wide Angle Fixed Lens for Olympus and Panasonic

In case you are in need of having the best wide angle lens for GH4 cameras, you can consider having this lens from our top picks here in the list. This Rokinon lens gives 84.1 degrees angle of view on the full frame camera whereas if you are using APS-C sensors it has the capacity to provide 57.6-degree angle of view. It works great for the video making purpose with the detailed video making for crystal clear videography.

Quick specs:

  • The minimum focusing range 0.8 ft
  • Focal length 35mm
  • Maximum aperture f/1.4
  • 12 element in 10 groups lens construction
  • 77mm filter size
  • Work great with MFT


The lens works perfectly for portrait imagery and low light photography. Other advantages are:

  • Reduced chromatic aberration through high refractive index elements and aspherical optical elements.
  • Multilayered lens coating for high-quality imaging.
  • An ability to preserve high-quality image even through close distance shots.


A few flaws or certain issues that you may notice when having this lens are:

The lens cannot be zoomed according to your needs and it may pose certain issues if you are fond of zooming features on your camera.

The Five Best Lenses for GH4 Cameras

The Best GH4 Zoom Lenses – Olympus M. 40-150mm F4.0-5.6 R Zoom Lens

For razor-sharp imaging and quality controlled pictures a zooming camera lens would suffice all your needs. This is our favorite pick as one of the best GH4 zoom lenses. This one comes with all the versatile imagery options you may love to have in your camera. With the automatic focusing function, you can create masterpieces with the help of this lens kit with your MFT cameras.  Further, the lens is compatible with making videos and still pictures and provide greater control over the required angling as you keep capturing the photos.

Quick specs:

  • It is a 3.75X optical zooming lens
  • The max. Focal length is 150mm
  • It is a telephoto type lens
  • Minimum aperture f/22
  • Total 13 elements grouped in 10
  • Photo filter thread 58mm
  • Macro focus .90m
  • 1 year limited warranty


One of the best options for your still pictures, portraits, distant and close pictures and video making.

Due to high definition results, the lens is capable of providing detailed, blur-free pictures either close shots of distant images.

Auto zooming helps in maximizing the opportunities to capture images and moments quickly.

Some flaws

The lens has some quality issues if you need professional quality results though its works fine for good quality pictures which aren’t a big issue.

The Best Cheap lens for gh4

For those who need a budget friendly option to find an appropriate camera lens for their MFT camera. This one comes around 80-100 USD and can give you all the benefits that an average MF zooming lens can provide. This is the best cheap lens for gh4 that you may find in the list of MFT cheap lenses.


  • Auto-zooming using micro motor
  • Low cost and offer quality features without any hassles
  • Offer blur-free pictures
  • Perfect for video making and still picture making


It is not a high-tech lens but a starter lens for those who need to save some money while still need to enjoy best imaging experience with the MFTs.

Buyers Guide

Choosing the best GH4 lens or lenses for your MFT cameras could be hectic if you are a newbie in this field. Due to the fact, there are a lot of options when it comes to finding the perfect lens for mirrorless MFTs. You may have to consider numerous things including its focal length, the angle width, compatibility, weight, price, zooming options, and operations etc.

If you are new to this, here are some helpful tips to help you find your best GH4 lens within minutes:

Determine the suitable types of lenses

The first thing that you need to do is to determine the kind of lenses that you will need to explore. According to our opinion, it is always best to know which camera needs what kind of lenses for better performance.

The lenses that are manufactured especially for MFTs like GH4 come in various types and you need to be sure which types should be used in the camera you have with you.

The most common types of lenses you can find on the market are:

  • Native MFT lenses: These lenses are made specifically for the MFT cameras and they don’t need an adapter for attaching the lens on any of the MFT cameras
  • Adapted MFT lenses: adapted lenses are those which are not designed specifically for the MFTs but with the help of an adapter they can be mounted on MFTs.

Among these two types there is further categorization of lenses which can be:

  1. 1. Modern lenses: lenses which are compact and can be adapted to different cameras are controlled via cameras operations can be listed in this category.
  2. 2. Autofocus and zooming lenses: These lenses have metal connectors to connect with the cameras operations panel and they can be adjusted and work with the cameras automatically to zoom or focus on the desired objects.
  3. 3. Wide angle lenses: Wide angled lenses are required to capture distant objects loosely and with maximum details.
  4. 4. Macro lenses: these lenses help in getting bigger versions of the images of distant objects.
  5. 5. Manual lenses: These lenses work manually and have no direct connection with the camera’s functions. Rather, you have to adjust the aperture and the zoom position on your own.

Determine the focal length and width

After deciding on the kind of lens you need, you may get into the details like comparing the focal length and the angle width as well.

Decide on the brand

Make sure you buy the lens manufactured by one of the trusted brands. Due to the fact, not all lenses are made to the same standard of quality and you may not compromise on the quality at any cost.

Check for the price

Lenses are costly and the more you need quality results and better customization along with detailed imaging options the more you will have to spend. But, if you are on a budget, you may compare the prices and look for the best price that you can find.

Compare similar products

We’d suggest comparing similar products offered by various sellers and brands to see the competitiveness in terms of the features and the prices as well, this may help you in finding one of the best options for sure

Compare and read reviews carefully

Reading the various reviews online is also helpful in getting the exact information about how the lenses would work for you.

Look for the warranty

It is always the best thing to have a warranty from the manufacturers as it will give you peace of mind as you have a backend support in case of any issues.


Look if your selected lens is compatible with your camera and has the ability to give the exact results you expect to obtain through it.

All of these above-listed points may help you and guide you to find the lens that is most suitable for you to use and may give you the kind of experience that you desire to have with your camera in hand.


Winding up our tour regarding the perfect lenses for GH4 we explored some of the best options available for GH4 cameras and saw how you can select the best one from the given options. Though the features and the specs of various lenses are many, but we have sorted some options here for you to decide easily so that you don’t have to waste your time and your money. Among our top 5 listed options, the Opteka 6.5mm Fisheye lens was found to have great specs, great feedback from the users and it can be considered as one of the best options for GH4 cameras. Though we also have listed best zooming, wide-angle and low-cost lenses for your convenience so that you may not have to browse through hundreds of options that may not be helpful in any way. Have a look at this guide and hope you will find what you need.