The Five Best GoPro Poles Available Today!

GoPro action cameras have gone from strength to strength ever since their initial launch back in 2002. Since then they have spawned a large number of accessories to help improve the users experience and assist them taking the best photographs and videos possible.

In this article, we will be taking a look at one of these accessories, the extender pole, five of them in fact. We will be covering a number of points for each product as well as our recommendations for what you may require for your specific situation. We will be focusing on durability, functionality, and price for each product as well as covering any unique or useful features they possess as standard. This is the first article we have release that also includes a frequently asked questions section for each of the products.

The Absolute Best GoPro Pole Available

GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod (GoPro Official Mount)
  • 3-in-One design: can be used as a camera grip, extension arm or tripod for ultra versatility and a variety of shots.
  • Handle doubles as a grip: the handle can be detached from the arm and used as a lightweight camera grip.
  • Tripod stored inside handle: Inside the handle is a small tripod that can be removed and used on its own or combined with the handle
  • Waterproof: designed for use in and out of water
  • What's included: Extension arm, grip, tripod, thumb screw

In our opinion, the best gopro pole is the GoPro Three Way. Released by the very manufacturer of the camera itself, the GoPro three way can be used as a camera grip, extender arm or a tripod making it an excellent accessory for multiple occasions.

Special Features

As already touched upon, the GoPro Three Way offers extreme versatility being able to record point of view style footage with its grip functionality. It can also be used to captcha selfie style footage when used as an extension arm enabling you to take the perfect selfie or feature you in your extreme sport of choice. Finally, it can be used as a tripod to captcha that perfect moment with the perfect background with the perfect people.

The Best GoPro Poles in action while snowboarding.

When collapsed the GoPro Three Way is very compact and easy to pack ready for transit, the tripod legs fit perfectly into its handle and the rest of the camera easily collapses down to save space.

Held to the extremely high standards of GoPro, the Three way has a build quality second to none. It is extremely rugged and will survive many a knock suffered from extreme sports. Additionally, its collapse and expand functionality is smooth and flawless. It has been designed with extreme sports in mind and is natively waterproof with its joints having been tested in freezing temperatures to ensure they do not seize.

GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod (GoPro Official Mount)
GoPro Camera - Electronics
$69.99 - $0.99 $69.00


  • Waterproof, Freeze proof and shockproof.
  • Extremely resistant design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Shrinks perfectly for transit.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

  • Expensive


Q – Whats included in the box?

A – The box comes with the extension arm, grip, tripod and thumb screw.

Q – Does the GoPro Three Way float?

A – Unfortunately no, the three way does not float but the addition of a GoPro Floaty does allow the three way to float.

Q – Can the three way be attached to a wrist strap?

A – Yes, it has a loophole at the base of the grip that can attach to a wrist strap or lanyard.

Q – Do none GoPro cameras work with the Three Way?

A – No, the attachment head is designed by GoPro for GoPro cameras.

Q – Whats the maximum depth you can dive to with this stick?

A – Unknown.

The Second Best GoPro Stick Available

SANDMARC Pole - Metal Edition: 15-50" Waterproof Extension Stick (Pole) for GoPro Hero 6, Hero 5, Fusion, Session, Hero 4, 3+, 3, 2, and HD Cameras - with Remote Clip (Mount)
  • ✔ NEXT LEVEL GOPRO FOOTAGE - Telescoping from 15" to 50" and weighing just 10 Ozs, you can take close and wide angle shots while traveling, surfing, diving, snowboarding, skiing and much more
  • ✔ INDUSTRIAL CNC ALUMINUM BUILD - Made from Waterproof Aluminum Material, Rubber Grip, Adjustable Wrist Strap, Aluminum Tripod Mount and Aluminum Thumbscrew
  • ✔ REMOTE HOLDER CLIP (MOUNT) - The Metal Edition GoPro Stick now features a convenient remote holder clip which is compatible with all GoPro remotes. Note: GoPro Remote not included.
  • ✔ LIFETIME WARRANTY - All SANDMARC products come with 100% lifetime guarantee. We have a hassle-free return policy to make the return and exchange process seamless
  • ✔ COMPATIBLE WITH ALL GOPROS - Works with GoPro HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black, HERO5 Session, HERO4, Session, 3+, 3, 2, and HD Cameras

In our opinion, the metal Sandmarc pole is the second best GoPro stick available right now. Although manufactured by a third party, it has been designed with extreme sports in mind and offers the standard proofing features you would expect of an extreme sports camera stick.

Special Features

The Sandmarc is extremely light, weighing in at just 11 ounces for a product that has a collapsed length of 15 inches and a fully expanded length of around 50 inches. Created with industrial aluminum it is extremely strong as well as waterproof.

The Sandmarc has a perfectly positioned remote holder to enable to wielder to place their GoPro remote control securely at the base of the stick and control the functionality of the camera with ease while occupies. The remote holder clip is fully compatible with all official GoPro remote controls.The Best Pole For GoPro in action snorkeling.

Although the product is extremely durable being waterproof, shockproof and freeze proof it comes with the Sandmarc product guarantee as standard. This means if for whatever reason your stick is faulty they will offer an exchange or allow you to return the product.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Waterproof, Shockproof and Freezeproof.
  • Excellent built quality.
  • Extends upto 50 inches.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers


Q – Is this resistant to salt water?

A – Yes provided you fully expand the pole after use and clean it in fresh water.

Q – Does the metal Sandmarc pole float?

A – Not natively but attaching a GoPro Floaty can offer an added flotation ability.

Q – Do none GoPro cameras work with this stick?

A – Not natively as the attachment head is designed for GoPro cameras. Third parties may offer the required attachment head for your required device.

Q – Whats the maximum depth you can dive to with this stick?

A – Unknown but we believe your GoPro cameras will suffer from pressure problems before your metal Sandmarc pole.

The Third Best Pole For GoPro Action Cameras

GoPole GPE-10 EVO 14-24" Floating Extension Pole for GoPro Cameras (Transparent)
  • 2-Stage Floating Telescoping Body - Extends from 14" up to 24", Fully tighten twist Extension lock to form a watertight seal
  • Direct GoPro Connection - No adapters needed
  • ¼"-20 Threaded Insert - Connect attachments or mount to tripods
  • Wrist Strap Attachment - Firmly secure to wrist
  • Wi-Fi Remote Clip - Control camera from your fingertips

In our opinion, the GoPole GPE-10 Evo is the third best pole for GoPro cameras on the market today. The GoPole is extremely light weighing in at a tiny 0.5 ounces but it has sacrificed durability in favor of weight as the GoPole is not as durable as the other two cameras above.

Special Features

The GoPole has a minimum length of 14 inches when fully collapsed with a maximum length of 24 inches when fully extended. This is less than half of the Sandmarc! The GoPole is based around a floating telescopic body making it ideal for water-based sports such as surfing or scuba diving.


The GoPole GPE-10 Evo comes with an included wrist strap that is surprisingly efficient. The similar high quality straps are available from third parties from around $5 but GoPole include theirs at no additional cost.

Similar to the Sandmarc the GoPole also comes with an included remote clip that fits all types of GoPro remote controls although the build quality is not as efficient.



  • Extremely light.
  • Cheap.
  • Floats natively.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

  • Only extends to 24 inches.
  • Has sacrificed durability to become lightweight.


Q – Whats included in the box?

A – The box includes the pole, wrist strap, GoPro mount and attachments.

Q – Does the GoPole GPE-10 Evo float?

A – Yes, the GoPole GPE-10 Evo floats natively.

Q – Whats the maximum dive depth for this stick?

A – Unknown although I would imagine it may suffer over time.

The Fourth Best GoPro Extension Pole

Shineda Telescopic Handheld Monopod Pole Selfie Stick SD-208 for GoPro Hero 2 3 3+ 4 5, GoPro Hero4 Session ,36" (Black)
  • Telescopic pole anodized aluminium alloy telescopic extendable monopod pole for GoPro Hero 2 3 3+ 4 cameras, equipped with GoPro mount
  • Pole un-extended length: 11", Extended length: 36", Sections quantity: 4; Sections Lock system: Twist Lock
  • Monopod selfie sticks mount your GoPro cameras directly with it thanks to its built-in adapter for GoPro
  • Selfie sticks have wrist strap, equipped with 1/4'' screw hole on the bottom to mount the pole on stable tripods etc..
  • Matte anodized processed sections, soft foam grip, a proud SHINEDA product.

Our third best GoPro extension pole is the Shineda SD-208. It is an extremely cheap alternative with some colors costing less than ten dollars and has a surprising build quality. The SD-208 natively fits all GoPro action cameras currently on the market with no requirement for additional attachments.

Special Features

The SD-208 has a collapsed length of around 11 inches and a maximum expanded length of just over 35 inches. It is made up of an interlocking quad section telescopic system that is made from a lightweight aluminum alloy.

Although no tripod is included in the box in an attempt to reduce costs as much as possible there is a standard quarter inch hole at the base of the pole so you can attach third party tripods if you wish.


  • Extremely cheap.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

  • Low build quality.

The Best Cheap GoPro Pole

Selfie Stick | Use as GoPro Pole and Monopod | Camera Mount | Go Pro Accessories Kit | Use with iPhone 6 and 7 and Hero 3 4 5 Black Silver | New Grip Handle (No Bluetooth)
  • We love ours, and we want YOU to love YOURS as well! We offer our selfie stick with a 100% guarantee because we truly want our customers to find value in their purchase. End up not liking your new GoPro pole? No problem...we have you covered!
  • UNIVERSAL: Use as an iPhone selfie stick, a GoPro selfie stick, a DSLR monopod, and MORE! The ThrillPro has you covered. iPhone 4, 5, 6 and 6s plus along with most Android smartphones (anything up to 80mm wide) are completely compatible along with all versions of GoPro Hero cameras! We want you to enjoy using your new extension pole and begin capturing YOUR memories!
  • MOST RUGGED & DURABLE, CAMERA EXTENSION POLE (36"), & COMPATIBLE WITH TRIPODS! -Made by Alaskans for those who need dependable gear! Our pole is totally waterproof (no electronic parts or Bluetooth) to go with you anywhere. An extra 1/4x20 thread on the bottom attaches to tripods making it a self standing monopod!
  • CAPTURE YOUR PEOPLE AND YOUR PLACES! - Start recording memories of what matters in your life...your favorite people in your favorite places. You will look back at your photos taken with the ThrillPro and wonder why you didn't get it sooner. Make your memories now!
  • PERFECT GIFT! - Know someone who would love to upgrade their photo and video shots? Get one for yourself and one for a friend! Get started capturing your adventures!

Although the Shineda SD-208 is cheaper than the Alaska Life Selfie Stick we still believe the Alaska Life offering is the best cheap GoPro pole available due to its superior build quality.


  • Cheap.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comes with a smartphone adaptor.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

  • Lower build quality than the higher end offerings.

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