The Five Best Cameras For Selfies On The Market!

Every decade has had its own game-changing art form that defines the era. The 60’s saw the advent of modern art, the 00’s saw the first digital artists, and the 2010’s will be (for better or worse) defined by the selfie.

It seems like a silly thing to say, but the unstoppable rise of the selfie deserves a certain kind of artistic respect (regardless of if you think it has any artistic merit). It is probably the single most taken photo “type” in the world. And It has created a huge market based on the millions of people who take a selfie every day.

Selfie sticks were the first thing to come onto the scene, selling in their millions as soon as they were released. (Interestingly the first selfie stick was invented in a 1983 Japanese book called “101 Useless Inventions”). They took the world by storm, but they were far from perfect.

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If you wanted to see what you were taking a photo of, you needed to use your phone’s front facing camera – which is usually pretty low quality. But you could use the rear camera, which is better quality – but you had no idea if you were framing the shot correctly.

Camera manufacturers were quick to recognize the selfie craze and decided to offer the public a choice. They made cameras with selfie features specifically designed into them. Some of these features were nothing more than marketing gimmicks, but some were excellent. 

Taking selfies with a DSLR quality camera was an instant hit, the products filled a much-needed gap in the market. Today we are going to show you 5 of the best money can buy.

The Five Best Cameras For Selfies On The Market in action

The Absolute Best Camera For Selfies Available – Sony DSCHX80/B

So this is it, in our opinion the absolute best camera for selfies. The other cameras on this list are all excellent options, but to be honest we are unsure why you would choose anything else. The Sony DSCHX80/B is a well priced, fully featured camera that is excellent for general photography and has some of the best selfie features you will find anywhere.

Special Features

Like many of the cameras on this list, the Sony has an LCD display that flips up 180 degrees so it can be seen while you are taking your shot. The display is bright and luminous, which means it’s great for shots where the sun might be in your eyes or glaring on the display.

Its 18 Megapixel sensor combined with the stunning optics of the inbuilt lens makes this a camera that is not just limited to taking great selfies. It works well in low light conditions and is an excellent pocket-sized product. It can be taken out and about with you with the minimum of effort.


5 Axis Image Stabilization

Anyone who has ever taken a selfie will know that it can be a little bit tricky at times. Extending your arm to its full each and operating the controls is a task that requires some skill to do correctly. But even the most experienced selfie-takers will have some amount of wobbling in their hand.

You can get away with this on a smartphone, they are designed to be used by inexperienced photographers. But with fully featured cameras like this, you need to have a steady hand. Luckily Sony has included their incredible 5 Axis Image stabilization technology on this model, which means your shots will be super sharp – even when you are overextending your arm slightly.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

This might sound a little bit fishy, but we really cannot fault this product in any way at all. It’s an excellent camera, reasonably priced, with a stunning flip screen and is jam packed full of useful features. It is our absolute top pick for a reason, we highly recommend you add it to the top of your shortlist.

Best Selfie Camera Available in action.

The Second Best Selfie Camera Available – Fujifilm X70

While we are very confident in our choice for the best selfie camera award above, it does have some competition. The Fujifilm X70 is an incredible camera that has many of the features we love about the Sony and is certainly worthy of your consideration. Again this is a serious camera that is exceptionally high quality (like all of the cameras on this list). It contains stunning optics that produce crystal clear images of all kinds – not just selfies.

Special Features

The LCD screen on the Fujifilm is nothing short of amazing. We actually prefer it to the Sony above. It is a fraction of an inch smaller than the Sony, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in functionality. The Fujifilm’s LCD is a touch screen, and when you put the camera in selfie mode (they call it touch shot) you can focus and take a picture by touching the screen.

This allows for much more creative positioning of your arm to take the shot because you effectively have a 3-inch trigger button to take the photo. It’s a feature that should not be underestimated, as soon as you start using it – you will wonder how you ever lived without it.


Wide Angle Lens

Having a wide angle lens is something that should not be overlooked when you are trying to buy a selfie camera. The wider angle of the shot allows you to frame your photos with ease. You can either have stunning backgrounds behind you in the shot, or you can get all of your friends in the frame without having to use awkward “creative” positioning.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

The only reason that the Fujifilm did not take the top spot on this list is because of the price. It is more expensive than the Sony but contains a very similar feature set. The one thing that potentially makes it worth the additional investment is the touch screen shooting mode. It’s much more than a marketing gimmick, and for many people, it could be worth the additional expense.

The Third Best Selfie Digital Camera – Samsung NX3000

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Samsung is one of the heavyweights of the technology world. They have built an excellent camera in their NX3000 which is jam-packed with technology and features. The zoom lens is exceptionally high quality, and its 20.3-megapixel sensor produces great pictures – even in low-light conditions.

Special Features

Again this camera has an 180 flip up display screen that allows you to see the shot you are taking. It’s not a touchscreen like the Fujifilm, which means you don’t have the ability to take a picture by tapping on the large screen. But we think that Samsung has done something better with this camera…

They have built into the camera some of the technology they have developed for their hugely popular mobile phones. The wink shot feature means you don’t have to press anything to take a shot. You simply select the wink shot mode and (as you might have guessed from the name) you wink to take a shot. You have to wink for around 2 seconds (which avoids accidental shots) and then a 3-second timer starts and the shot is taken.

It’s a great feature. Other brands have similar features on other cameras, but we don’t feel any of them pull it off as well as Samsung.


WiFi Connectivity

Being a mobile phone manufacturer you would probably expect Samsung to have some connectivity features on their camera. Their WiFi connectivity allows for a wide range of functions to be performed automatically. We mainly like the auto transfer method which will automatically wirelessly transfer photos from your camera to your phone. Which means you can quickly upload them to the social network of your choice.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

If we had to be picky about something we didn’t like about this camera, we would probably mention that it does not have a particularly wide angle lens. The Fujifilm allows you to capture much more of a scene than the Samsung. However this being said, it’s still perfectly wide enough to be acceptable – you’re not going to have any problems whatsoever. But with a selfie camera, we do like lenses to be as wide as possible.

The Best Selfie Digital Camera in action.

The Best Digital Selfie Camera – Pentax K-S2

All of the digital selfie cameras on this list so far have not had interchangeable lenses. They are a one size fits all solution. Now, this is perfect for most people who just want to take a few good selfies and pictures. But the more serious photographers who love selfies are probably are going to want interchangeable DSLR functionality. The Pentax K-S2 combines DSLR technology with selfie features to give you the best of both worlds.

Special Features

The screen on the Pentax is a little bit different to the others on this list. Instead of flipping upwards 180 degrees, it flips out to the side. This is a great design innovation that we feel improves upon the other cameras on this list.

The issue with some of the 180 flip screen cameras, is that you cannot adjust the angle of the screen once it has been flipped. This can make it a little difficult to see the framing of the photo if you are not reasonably central in the shot. The side flip LCD can be tilted and twisted in a wide array of different angles ensuring you can always see the picture you are about to take.

Aside from the screen the Pentax boasts a massive 20MP sensor and can fit any standard DSLR lens onto its frame. It can shoot 4k video, has WiFi connectivity, and a dedicated selfie mode.


Weather Proofing

Selfie cameras are going to be taken out and about everywhere and anywhere. That is kind of the whole point of them. It’s great to have the peace of mind knowing that regardless of the weather your camera will be safe. It’s water resistant and totally sealed to be 100% dust and dirt proof.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

The only thing we don’t like here is that the screen is not a touchscreen. We love the idea of being able to take a picture with a huge LCD screen that can be used as a button. It’s not the end of the world, but it would be a definite improvement.

The Fifth Best Camera For Taking Selfies – Canon Powershot N

The camera above is aimed at professional photographers, and this camera is aimed at people that just want to take good selfies. It’s not the best camera in the world, but it’s been custom made to be one of the best cameras for taking selfies.

Special Features

The screen on this camera is an 180 flip up design like most the others on this list. It’s a touch screen which can turn into a big shooting button, and it makes taking selfies super easy. It has a wide range of artistic features built into it, which takes several shots at the same time and combines them for best effect.

Its 12.1 MP camera is the smallest on this list, but when combined with the reasonably capable optics – it’s a camera that takes selfies better than any smartphone on the market.



The best bit about this camera is that it is so compact. You can put it in your coat pocket with ease so there is no excuse to take it out with you. This means you are going to get more great shots of memorable moments. In our opinion, that is what selfie photography is all about.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

The main issue we have with this camera is that it is really only good for selfies. It’s not a camera that can rival any of the others on this list in terms of image quality. It has been made for selfies, and it does selfies well. But that’s about it.

That being said – its much better than any camera you would have on a smartphone, and is still well worth considering.

the Best Camera For Taking Selfies in action.

Buyers Guide

There is not really much to selfie cameras that make them different from cameras designed for normal photography. What makes a normal camera good will make a selfie camera good too. That being said, there are one or two special features you should look out for.


The main thing you should consider is the screen. Check it can either flip 180 or flip horizontally to ensure you can see the shot you are taking. Bright screens with touch capability are an added bonus and can make your shots much easier to take.

WiFi / Bluetooth

Most good selfie cameras will be able to connect to your phone via WiFi or Bluetooth. This allows you to share your pictures instantly, and control the camera from your phone.

Image Stabilization

Image stabilization allows you to take steady shots even in the most awkward of positions. It’s not a must-have feature – but it’s very useful.

Wide Angle

Get a wide angle lens if possible, it makes selfies much better. It allows you to either have more people in the shot or have more of the background in the shot.


This is the tip of the selfie camera iceberg. Selfie functionality has exploded in popularity in recent years and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Any of the cameras on this list will take pictures that are immeasurably better than your smartphone.

If you are serious about selfies, there really is no substitute.

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