The Five Best Cameras for Fashion Photography We Could Find!

It has become harder than ever before to imagine a world without fashion photography. Harder yet is the difficulty of engaging in this profession without the best cameras. Investing in the right cameras is a good move, whether you want to take photos professionally or as a fun activity for your blog. Taking photos, especially fashion images, requires the right set of skills and equipment. The camera is the most crucial piece of equipment. For this reason, you have no option other than to invest in the best camera. Otherwise, your career won’t take off successfully.

The following represents the five best cameras for fashion photography you should invest in.

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The Absolute Best Cameras for Fashion Photography – Canon EOS 5D Mark III

There’s no justification for not spending whatever it takes on the best cameras for fashion photography. They don’t come better than Canon EOS 5D Mark III. One of its most special features is the newer 20MP sensor. Also, the fact that it is light is great news with fashion photographers who need something portable to travel with. Apart from that, the camera is easy to handle during the shooting session. The camera’s sharpness at all levels also enables it to stand out from the rest of fashion photography.

Its picture quality is one of the best. Its other outstanding features include:

  • Continuous shooting of up to 6.0 frames per second
  • Captures videos in different formats (MPEG-4, MOV, H.265, RAW, and AVI)
  • Slots for SD and CF cards
  • Dust resistant and weather resistant
  • Available in either silent mode or low vibration mode
  • Comes with a camera cover and wide neck strap

The Five Best Cameras for Fashion Photography We Could Find!


Some of the camera’s pros include:

  • 3.2-inch LCD 
  • Manually controlled 1080p High Definition video recording 
  • Autofocus technology
  • 61 autofocus points
  • Battery’s average life is good enough to produce 950 quality photos
  • 22.3MP of effective still resolution
  • Self-timer
  • Neutral colors
  • Well built body
  • Ideal for fast action shooting

Designed to capture high-resolution images, there is little doubt that it is a high-performance camera. It has a drop dead gorgeous screen that’s just perfect for all the fashion photography jobs you wish to do. Its saturation, color, viewing angle, and contrast have undergone marked improvements. Unlike the 5DIII whose sensor data stood at ISO6400, this camera’s is now natively amplified to ISO 25,600. It starts and operates almost instantly. Compared to the earlier versions, its mirror blackout, and shutter lag are now considerably faster.

Flaws but Not Deal Breakers

The camera is expensive compared to other types, although it isn’t a high-end fashion photography camera. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t worry you at all since it’s worth every penny. Also, one of its downsides is the slow focus that you get with video and live view modes. It also lacks a built-in flash. It’s not equipped with the wireless controller either. The camera is incompatible with EF-S lenses. It has a number of flaws which are not deal breakers, thankfully. Some of the flaws worth noting include the following:

  • The absence of interval timer
  • Lack of an articulated screen
  • Lack of movie crop mode
  • Lack of clean HDMI

The Second Best Cameras for Fashion Bloggers – Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

There is no doubt that Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II is one of the best cameras for fashion bloggers. It’s a cheap camera that guarantees you quality needed to post different images and content on your fashion blog. Its silent mode feature stands out primarily because of the effectiveness in disabling all shutter sounds. This feature guarantees you the ability to take photos noiselessly without creating a ruckus all around. The burst shooting of 8.5 frames per second makes the camera ideal whenever you want to take photos quickly.

The Five Best Cameras for Fashion Photography

Special Features

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II qualifies to be referred to as one of the best cameras for fashion bloggers because of its special features. Its 81 autofocus points allow the photographer to take photos with excellent sharpness. The LCD display gives the camera astounding clarity. With a maximum display resolution of 1,040,000, the fashion blogger never has to worry about the quality of images. The other special features that make this camera ideal for taking fashion images for any blog that you run, include:

  • Image stabilization
  • Self timer
  • 16MP optical sensor resolution
  • 1080p video resolution


  • Accurate and neutral colors
  • Fast focus system
  • Battery life lasts for 320 photos
  • Interchangeable Lens
  • Time lapse
  • Focus bracketing
  • In-camera HDR
  • Wi-Fi connectivity

Flaws but Not Deal Breakers

Some of its flaws, which are almost negligible, include the following:

  • A smaller grip
  • Continuous shooting not of the industry standards
  • Reading the manual is mandatory unless running on auto

The Third Best DSLR Camera Fashion Photography – Sony A7

This mirrorless digital camera is one of the best for fashion photography. Its 28-70mm lens gives you everything needed to take exceptional shots. Its compact body is perfect for the camera’s full-frame image sensor. The fact that the camera is more affordable compared to the other similar ones makes it more attractive to fashion photographers. Its autofocus and performance exceed what’s commonly accepted in the industry too. Use it to see why more people consider it the ideal tool when shooting the best DSLR camera fashion photography.

Special Features

This camera stands out for many reasons. First, it is an affordable DSLR camera. Its bigger sensor and relatively smaller size make the camera unique. Even though it is a lower resolution camera, you never have to worry about the clarity or sharpness. Its plastic construction also plays a significant role in making the camera more portable and light. Compared to an earlier version – Sony A7R, this camera’s Exposure Compensation Dial, and the Mode Dial are significantly different. The camera allows you to take images of a maximum size of 6,000 x 4,000 pixels.


  • Amazingly small body for a camera that’s not only fully-featured but also full-frame
  • Extremely high resolution
  • Its hybrid autofocus is not only reasonably fast, but also more confident
  • Superb image quality even in the face of excessively high sensitivities
  • Faster X-Sync
  • Compatible with either E-Mount or Alpha-Mount lenses
  • Capable of cropping to an APS-C image circle

Flaws but Not Deal Breakers

  • Performance levels are a bit moderate compared to other similar cameras
  • Loud shutter (though the electronic first curtain provides solace)
  • Battery life is below average, especially when using the camera’s electronic viewfinder
  • For its price, the low-light autofocus is quite weak

The Fourth Best Fashion Photography Camera – Fujifilm X-T2

Fewer cameras in the world are capable of giving you the kind of image you desire than Fujifilm X-T2. With its increased response times coupled with faster autofocus, this camera allows you to take as many fashion photos as you want within a brief timeframe. Apart from that, the fact that it is less noisy should also appeal to any fashion photographer who wants to take photos in serene surroundings. Furthermore, the camera is not only dust but also moisture resistant. It has around 63 different points that the photographer can seal off against inclement weather.

Special Features

This is the best fashion photography camera for a variety of reasons. For example, it guarantees clarity and sharpness courtesy of the high-precision viewfinder. A photographer who prefers taking fast-action photography should not look further than Fujifilm X-T2. The CMOS sensor enables the camera to outperform many of its peers. The sensor is capable of filtering images exceptionally well to produce images with enhanced details. Its sensitivity range is expandable to 100-51,200. Its baseline frame has a higher rate of 60fps, which can be boosted to 100fps.


  • Vastly improved autofocus
  • Polished handling
  • Film simulation modes
  • 4K video capture
  • Double-hinged rear display
  • Runs on a highly sophisticated system
  • Perfect for fast action photography

Flaws but Not Deal Breakers

  • Lower ISO sensitivity isn’t available
  • No touch screen

The Best Cheap Cameras for Fashion Photography – Nikon D7100 DX

Without a doubt, Nikon D7100DX is one of the best cheap cameras for fashion photography. It costs less than $700 on Amazon. However, there are many other cheaper models in the market. Though you can find cheaper models, they will not give you the performance and quality you get from this camera. It is the camera of choice for any enthusiastic fashion photographer. Although the camera launched in 2010, it has remained a favorite of many fashion photographers since then. With improved autofocus and continuous shooting, the camera gives you value for money.

Special Features

One of the camera’s more special features is its control system. This special feature, plus many others, makes the camera eligible for listing as one of the best cameras for fashion photography. It features more dedicated buttons for performing limitless functions. Some of these include metering, autofocus, white balance, ISO speed, and bracketing. Drive mode as well as exposure mode boast dedicated dials, which feature locks that prevent accidental hitting or pressing. With a resolution of around 1.2 million dots, this camera delivers every promise that its makers made.

Best Cameras for Fashion Photography


  • 24 megapixel sensor
  • EXPEED 3 processing
  • ISO 100-6400 standard
  • In DX mode, it allows photographer to attain 6fps in maximum continuous shooting
  • In-built stereo mic
  • Full HD recording
  • Sealed body makes it resistant to moisture and dust
  • Powerful LCD screen
  • Highly accurate AWB system

Flaws but Not Deal Breakers

  • Not-so-great RAW shooting
  • In Live View, the full-time servo autofocus is mediocre
  • Accessories required for Wi-Fi as well as GPS
  • Emits some image noise

Buyers Guide

First, you need to determine the kind of camera (and lens) to buy for your fashion photography commitments. Whether you need the photos for your blog or some professional undertaking, the secret is to select the right camera. The choice of the camera determines whether your photos turn out well or not worth a second look. Any photographer who needs his/her photos to stand out from the rest has no choice other than to invest in quality cameras. DSLR (or digital SLR) is the best type of camera for this type of work.

Basing your purchase on cost is highly recommended. When doing the photography for fun, justifying the decision to spend a huge chunk of money on a camera might be an impossible task. While considering cost, you should also determine whether it’s worth buying crop sensor cameras or full-frame cameras. The former are not only good, but also cost effective. Cropped sensor cameras give you a cropped view of the actual full-frame image. Luckily, cropped sensor cameras are cheaper, which makes them ideal for an average amateur fashion photographer.

Also, you should look at the reputation of the different manufacturers. Some of the biggest brands in the market today include Nikon and Canon. While at it, do not forget to evaluate the camera’s megapixels. Ideally, one should go for more (or higher) megapixels. However, more is not always better. Although you can buy a new lens, it’s worth mentioning that you can also continue using the current set you have. Some cameras require specific types of lenses, which you should confirm with either the manufacturer or retailer.


So, you now have the information required to choose the best cameras for fashion photography. Feel free to buy the camera of your choice after evaluating its pros and cons. Some of the best cameras for this kind of work include Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II, Sony A7, Fujifilm X-T2, and Nikon D7100 DX. With these cameras in your hands, you will have little difficulty taking some of the best fashion photography ever. The good news is that, you can get these cameras at depending on your budget, scope of work, and other needs.